1. Bugfixes

2. Navigate Keylink to the path of the toplevel Windows Explorer window with Str-B

3. Make path names relative to the Keylink directory by pressing Strg-R


1. Improved Vista compatibility

2. Bugfixes



1. Entries can be run as another user.

2. "Open command window here" was added to the entry popup menu.

3. The "edit entry" window and the google window can now be moved.

4. Bugfixes


fixed: Pressing space to select an entry changed the focus.

fixed: The import wizard sometimes created an error "List index exceeds the maximum".


1. Keyboard shortcuts can now be changed.

2. Support for advertised shortcuts.

3. Icons of entries can be changed.

4. Some new themes and extended theme support.

5. The "execute" icon is now a windows flag.

6. Added wizard to import the contents of a directory.

7. Support for asynchronous drag&drop operations.

8. The right click menu of entries has additional functions.

9. Link targets are added by default when a new entry is created using drag&drop.

10. The Keylink icon was slightly changed.


1. Real theme support (themes are loaded from the harddrive).

2. 4 additional themes were added.

3. User defined background images.

4. The field "execute in" was added to the entry properties.

5. The menu was restructured.


1. Shellexecute is executed in a new thread.

2. Harddisk navigation.

3. All fonts can now be interpolated.

4. Support for a second language (english).

5. Extended installer.

6. Buttons can have hover effects.

7. Entries can be renamed easier.

8. Some small changes like a new icon.

1. Added support for higher DPI values.

2. Warning on file deletion.

3. Added a history for executes and URLs.

4. Less memory is required.

5. Windows98 support